Virtuoso Travel - photobg

Like many people, we have caught the travel bug;  always on the lookout for new destinations and experiences.

That's where Nancy Yale and her team at Cruise and World Travel come in.  But this is a world where we are supposed to just research destinations and book online.  So, who needs a travel agent?  We do.  

Nancy has continually asked the right questions and found experiences we could not have nailed down given our busy schedules.  And, she's a Virtuoso member, so she rocks at getting us extra attention and upgrades.

In this gallery, I am posting my favorite pictures from Nancy's bookings.  Africa, Canada, San Fransisco, New York, France, Italy and several trips to the Caribbean.  She and her team are busy working on our 2016 trip to Japan.

I encourage you to utilize her expertise and concierge services: